Virtual Portraits

During the first Shelter in Place order of 2020, I drew portraits of friends, family, artists, designers, musicians and athletes from around the world via facetime as a way to stay connected and document our isolations during the Corona Virus quarantines. The portraits are painted with goauche and watercolor.

Joep Van Lieshout in Rotterdam

Javier Mariscal in Barcelona 

John Maeda in Boston

Jean Jullien in Brittany

Chris Evert in Boca Raton

Hella Jongerius in Berlin

Ray Barbee in Long Beach

Karen Tei Yamashita in Santa Cruz

Maarten Baas in Utrecht

Nynke Tynagel in Amsterdam

Zio Ziegler in Mill Valley

Wilfrid Wood in London

Travis Millard in Los Angeles 

Luke Pelletier in Los Angeles 

Will Westerman in London

Annie Van Noortwijk in Amsterdam 

James Jackman in Boca Raton

Ineke Hans in Arnhem

Pedro Delfino in Long Beach

Tung Chiang in San Rafael

Floris Hovers in Raamsdonksveer

Molly Haynes in Cape Cod

Erni Loosen in the Mosel

Helmut Smits in Rotterdam

Nathan Van Hook in Portland

Ben Brough in Costa Mesa

Justin Chung in Los Angeles 

Eric Mchenry in North Carolina

Esther Mollema in Wageningen

Ted Feighan in Cleveland

Valerie Viglione in Fort Lauderdale

Nat Russell in Indiana