The Monument is a speculative design project developed for my industrial design thesis at RISD. The project proposed the implementation of an interactive monument into the standardized American landscape.

My research of public spaces and my interest in the symbolism of
abstracted, existing monuments led to the design of a simplified,
recognizable form. Its initially undefined meaning and multifunctional
mobility generates interpretations dictated by the present community
or individual’s actions.

The monument contains an internal foam structure and is upholstered in a fire retardant and waterproof vinyl. In case a Monument goes missing or becomes too weathered, a local patron has the ability to provide a community with a new Monument by donating a small fee. He or she will be honored accordingly with an embroidered patch.

The second part of the project envisions the public’s response to
the ubiquity of the Monument. An animated film, created in
collaboration with video artist Joanna Lin, visualizes a fictional
advertisement for a business that sells public infrastructure to
stimulate interactions with the monument.

As film and television both directly and indirectly influence behavior
and expectations, a series of fictional VHS tapes, featuring cliche
interactions with the Monument, were designed to question the
authenticity of the public’s interactions with the structure.